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Why Choose Us

Flower Travel Pty Ltd.

Why Choose Us

We offer great value for money
Check out our numerous and creative trans-siberian itineraries. Our standard tours offer many inclusions as part of the set price, inclusions that are usually ‘optional extras’ with other companies (i.e. they cost more). Many of our itineraries offer a range of free choice options; all for no additional charge. For example in Siberia you can usually choose one of four free choice options all included in the standard price. Plus we offer some unique options including a visit to the only remaining communist era ‘gulag’!

We do not organise our passengers into set group departures
You may find yourself on a similar itinerary to our other clients but you are not going to find yourself marched on and off a tour bus with 40 other passengers. And this means that your trip is guaranteed once confirmed – no last minute cancellation due to minimum numbers not being reached on a ‘tour’ with the resultant nightmare of trying to re-arrange your trip.

We will get all your visas for you


Saving time, money and hassles (especially the hassles!). We will obtain your Russian and Mongolian visas for a low rate of $110 per visa (plus the consulate fee). At the same time we can also obtain other necessary visas for your trans-siberian trip, including China, at a small additional charge. (China visa support only available if we have booked all your China travel arrangements). This way we become responsible for all your visa requirements.

We know what we are talking about

Your consultant will have completed the trip themselves so they can answer all the questions that you can possibly think of. And we tell you the truth about the trip – after all these destinations are not for everyone! Our UK based wholesaler, The Russia Experience, has been organizing trans-siberian rail journeys for over 12 years and has a Managing Director permanently based in Moscow. With your final documents will come an ‘info-pack’ full of ‘dos and don’ts’ with some straight talking to say the least.

We do not just offer these trips
We have in-depth knowledge of, and access to, world-wide airfares that can fit around your trans-siberian trip. Plus we also represent all the major tour companies that you might wish to combine with your rail-journey. These companies include: Trafalgar, Globus, Contiki, Insight, Intrepid, Peregrine, SelectiveAsia etc. And we can help with bus and train passes throughout Europe also. This means you can book your entire trip with the same company and, indeed the same consultant, saving you time and minimising mistakes.

Flower Travel is a full member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents
We are fully accredited agency with the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (accreditation number A10423). ATAS vets travel agents against strict criteria to ensure they meet certain standards, are reliable, well trained and professional businesses. Before becoming accredited, ATAS agents need to meet high standards of business discipline, training, compliance with Australian Consumer Law and compliance with a strict code of conduct – ensuring your piece of mind when booking travel. Our wholesaler is the The Russia Experience, which is fully bonded in the UK and covered by stringent UK and European regulation. Thus you can book your trip with confidence that your money is safe in the unlikely instance of our financial failure or that of our supplier. Remember if you book with any overseas agency you are not covered by Australian consumer law.

We recognise the importance of responsible tourism

We know this is becoming a bit of a standard line in many companies’ presentations and we are not about to make any ‘saving the world’ claims. But we are a small business with a social and environmental conscience.

Experience the Greatest Rail Journey on Earth

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